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Demand of skilled and competent workforce is increasing day by day at home and abroad. As a developing country, Bangladesh needs to meet this demand for its sustainable development. In fact, Technical and Vocational Education and Training of any country work as a prime mover for producing skilled & competent workforce for the country. In the field of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, polytechnic institutes are playing most important role in human resource development through providing the quality full market responsive Technical Education and Training. Faculty and staff of the Pabna Polytechnic Institute also working hard to achieved the goal of the TVET sectors along with other institutes of the country. Present academic achievement of the graduates of Pabna Polytechnic Institute is remarkable in job placement & enrolment in the higher education. Hopefully, the present position of the academic excellence including all other co-curricular activities of the institute will be increase day by day. I congratulate to the faculty and staff members of the Pabna Polytechnic Institute for their commitment to the job responsibility and hardworking academic activities for achieving the goal of the TVET. I am thankful to the authority of TVET including all other well-wishers for their continuous co-operation, support and valuable advices.


Atiqur Rahman

Principal (In-charge)

Pabna Polytechnic Institute