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Civil Lab Information

Civil Engineering Department of Pabna Polytechnic Institute was started in the decade of 60.In the early days student capacity was only 40 nos. but now a days it consists of 150 students (in three different group A, B & C) each shift. Civil Engineering Department has two shifts- First shift and Second Shift and Total 300 students are currently studying in every semester. To serve the nation and to accelerate the education rate there is another shift of students (evening shift) which consists of the same number of students. So every year in three section/groups (A+B+C) 300 students enroll here. Two head of department (chief instructor) leads this Department and 12 qualified teachers and 19 craft instructors. We have Six laboratory/shops for demonstrating practical works :- masonry and plumbing shop, surveying shop, wood working shop, and soil shop, Structural Mechanics lab and Auto Civil Lab. These shops are well- equipped and 19 experienced craft instructor/ lab assistant are engaged there. The students are guided by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board, Dhaka. We follow BTEB prescribed 4 year diploma engineering syllabus which has eight semester. Each semester’s duration is six months.



Lab Information:



There are five Workshop/Lab:-

01. Auto Civil Lab

02. Soil Lab

03. Surveying Lab

04. Wood Shop

05 Masson Shop

06. Structural Mechanics lab