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RAC Department introduction


Welcome to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology (RAC) is one of the most demandable technology amongst the emerging technology of Pabna Polytechning Institute (PPI).  The Department has been one of the most prestigious departments of PPI from the beginning. The (04) four year diploma in engineering of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology (RAC) was started in 2016. Initially the course certificate was titled as a Diploma in Engineering Examination in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology. Due to the market demand and for the betterment of the students, the BTEB has taken an initiative to rename the course certificate as a Diploma in Engineering Examination in Mechanical Technology having specialization in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology. Roots of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning might easily be titled Application of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer. The field of refrigeration and air conditioning are interconnected, but each also has its own province. The largest application of refrigeration, which is the process of cooling. in a similar manner air conditioning includes more than cooling. Throughout the study area, considerable emphasis is placed on the development of systematic procedures for analysis and troubleshooting, and on the responsible use of refrigeration and air conditioning technology. The Diploma in Engineering Course (RAC) prepares the student for a career in Refrigeration and Air conditioning field, with an emphasis on the technical areas of fluid and thermal energy systems and the heat transfers. In addition to theoretical and practical sessions in classrooms, the curriculum also includes industrial visits and on-site industrial training to gather hands-on experience of the field.

For More Details:

Head of the Department

Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC)

First Floor, Academic Building, Pabna Polytechnic Institute, Pabna.

Email: engr.bashir34@gmail.com


Department Vision

To be the center of providing Education, performing Research and Innovation work in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology.

Department Mission

To provide high quality education, research and training such Emerging Technology of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fields.

To produce highly efficient technical professionals having practical knowledge, skills and ethical values based on emerging demands.

To enhance collaboration between Polytechnic Institute and industry.

To contribute in socio-economic development of Bangladesh by providing skilled manpower.


In our Department quality education ensured by 


Theoretical Explanation.

Classroom presentation.

Provides necessary handouts.

Proper evaluation through formative, summative and diagnostic Assessments.

RAC Lab Facilities:

Theory, everyone knows why, but doesn’t work in the real life. Practical, everything works but none knows why. in our RAC lab everything works in real life as well as everyone knows why it works for. to meet the current pace of technological enhancement our lab is full of tools and required apparatus to become a skill person in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning technology.




Carrier in RAC fields:

A job is a short-term employment, while a career is an opportunity to increase skill and attain professional advancement. The sector where our graduates can choose and set their career. As a graduate of RAC department students has the opportunity to attain job both at government & private organizations.

Governmental Organizations:

Polytechnic institute (Junior Instructor)

Technical School and college (Junior Instructor)

Bangladesh Ordnance Factories (Sub Assistant Engineer)

BTV (Sub Assistant Engineer)

Bangladesh Railway (Sub Assistant Engineer)

Atomic Energy Commission (Sub Assistant Engineer)

Power plants (Sub Assistant Engineer) etc.



Private Organizations:

Industrial Air-Conditioning sector.

spot heating, spot cooling, environmental laboratories, printing plants, textile industries, precisions parts and clean rooms, photographic products, computer rooms and power plants.

Residential Air-conditioning.

Vehicles Air-conditioning.

Food storage and Distribution.

Food Processing plants.

Chemical and process industries.

Special Application of refrigeration fields:

Desalting of sea water, Dehumidifiers, Ice making and construction work.


Student Membership that may help students to develop their career paths:

Student memberships are great items to list on your résumé and may provideexcellent networking opportunities. Associations that may offer student memberships include Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), and the Refrigeration Service EngineersSociety (RSES).



Professional behavior involves working as a team, maintaining a positive attitude, listening attentively, developing solutions to problems, and communicating well. permanent change of our behavior in terms of Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude is defined as education. our whole effort is only for creating skilled manpower with moral and ethical values who can work for the betterment of the world. we believe that graduates from our department will work efficient manner as well maintain all the rules and regulations of the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning sector.